FIAT Car Servicing & Repairs

Expert FIAT servicing and repairs to all makes & models without paying main dealer price

Book your car service every year as it’s an important part of keeping it in good running order, and avoid breakdown and expensive repairs. At duo motor all our technician are highly trained to carry out the car service and car repairs with  professional and honesty that’s why we will investigate in detail, every service is dealt with in an open, honest and reliable manner to ensure you get the best service from us.

What we do in car servicing and van service?

All motor vehicle has guide line to follow from manufacture. Servicing is depending on the mileage and year. We note the following points needs to be checked and replace by the dealers specification and we will go further to check and test the rest of the parts and component of your motor where the dealer will not.

Vehicle on floor

Wipers, lights, handbrake, washers, horn, dash warning lights, lubricate straps and hinges, seat belts, ect..

Vehicle fully raised

Under body pipes/ hoses, fluids leak, steering, suspensions, exhaust system ect.

Vehicle half raised

Road wheels, front and rear brakes, brake cable/ linkages, brake hydraulic system, tyre condition, tyre pressures ect.

Engine bay operations

Engine bay pipes and hoses, fluids level, test fluids, test battery and alternator,

Final items check

Service interval indicator reset, road wheel torque, bonnet latch and locks, road test drive.

Why do you need a car service?

We find a lots of engine and turbo failure due to lack of oil change and low engine oil quality. Also by  servicing you are preventing breakdowns.
Did you know you could actually cut running costs significantly?  A clogged air filter alone can reduce your fuel efficiency by a massive 10%?  Or a fuel filter can course a breakdown poor start and rough engine running. Avoid it all by just keeping the car serviced.

FIAT Wheel/Tyre Alignment

We provide a comprehensive laser wheel alignment to give your vehicle a precision steering

FIAT Braking System

If your FIAT brake system is failing then we can help repair it by installing the best braking systems on the market to give you that quality and safety assurance. On top of that every brake pad replacement we offer will mean you qualify for the ‘BRAKE-PAD FOR LIFE’ scheme enabling you to get a brake pad replacement for FREE.

FIAT Clutch/Gearbox

If your FIAT is experiencing clutch and gearbox problems we can help eliminate this by repairing or replacing the gearbox and clutch system, our expert mechanics can help offer you that peace of mind and assurance that we can get the job done without interrupting your personal or business life.

FIAT Car Parts

We use quality OEM parts for most FIAT makes and models to give each job a quality and reliable service so your vehicle is less likely to fail you.

FIAT Makes and Models

All makes and Models