Digital Service History

Conventionally, car services are tracked and stamped in a paper booklet. We at Duo motor have registered to provide the Digital Service book / Record system – a secure online database, where your entire service history is stored.By dealership and independent repair workshop.  We provide this with every vehicle that are registered.

Mercedes-Benz and smart  –  This information portal is targeted at independent workshops and businesses within the European Union that are involved in the professional maintenance and repair of Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles.

This is your source for the firsthand information required for fast and efficient service:

Maintenance and repair instructions, parts information, software and hardware for vehicle diagnosis as well as the Digital Service Booklet (DSB).

You will also find information regarding Special Tools and Workshop Equipment including research possibilities and an online-ordering-system.

The Electronic Parts Catalog for Mercedes-Benz and smart (EPC) is also available to private individuals.