Car Brakes

Brake pads

If you’ve heard a grinding noise when applying the brakes your pads could be excessively worn and needing to be replaced along with potentially damaged discs. If you pull to one side when braking, this usually means a sticking or seized mechanical or hydraulic component. If your pedal feels spongy there could be air in the hydraulic system due to a brake fluid leak. If it pulsates you could have a distorted brake disc or drum.

If you have any of them symptoms or not sure about your brakes system then give us a call to book you car for free brake checks.

Dashboard warring light

If you have any warning lamp on dashboard specially to do with your braking system, basically means there is a fault on the braking system. Having this warning light on your dashboard stops the abs system from working. This means when you apply your brakes on sudden moment your vehicle wheel will lock up and prevent you from having full control of your vehicle. We can help you diagnose the fault with computer. We have all the up to date diagnostic computer to check this fault and most faults can be fixed within few hours.