Car and van batteries

If it wasn’t for your battery your car wouldn’t go anywhere. Which is why, rather than ignoring it or waiting until it fails you before paying it any attention, it makes much more sense to see it like a friend – albeit one you don’t catch up with that regularly, but often enough to know how they’re doing. This is ok because most batteries don’t actually require that much regular maintenance. But some can be periodically topped up with distilled water to prolong their life. However, you’ve got to be careful as battery acid is highly corrosive. So maybe it’s best to leave it to the experts.

At DUO Motor, our highly trained technicians provide a comprehensive battery service including battery checks, new battery selection, fitting service and an environmentally friendly disposal of old or dead units. Because we want to help look after the environment, just as much as your car.

What to do if you have a flat battery When everything is fine and dandy, your batteries normally recharged during the process of you just driving around. But if, for whatever reason, something goes wrong or you leave something electrical on when you’re parked up (like the lights) the juice can be drained and not replaced.

When this happens, here’s our handy ‘Get Yourself Going Again Guide’. We can’t promise it will work every time, but it might just get you going when you really need it. If your engine tries to turn over, there may still be hope of resurrection. Check to see if any interior or exterior electricals have been left on. If they are, turn them off. Don’t attempt a restart for 20 mins (it can take this long for a battery to regain enough power to run the starter motor). Cross your fingers and try turning the key again. Hopefully, this time it’ll start.

If you’re finding you have to do this on a regular basis, or that your battery drains without you having left any electricals on, it could be that the problem is more serious. In which case a visit to see us to have a proper free battery check is a must.